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Stand Tall at På Vildveje (Astray), Jægersborg Hegn, Denmark, 2020.

Stand Tall is an interactive performance where participants are invited to stand tall and still among the trees for seven minutes, immersing themselves in

the forest's atmosphere.


The performance was first conducted on International Day of Forests 2019 in the forest near L’Observatoire, Singapore. During the seven minutes, it was up to individual attendees how they chose to experience the moment. For example, they could focus on the sounds or smells of the forest, imagine themselves as trees, stand in solidarity with the trees, or simply enjoy a moment of presence in nature.


Since its debut, Stand Tall has been featured in På Vildveje (Astray), Denmark, 2020, and Leave Nothing but Footprints, Singapore, 2023.

The motivation for conducting this work was a desire to merge the subject (the audience/participants) with the object (the landscape), aiming for a more embodied, polysensory, and participatory experience.


As a byproduct of the performances, and in line with the traditional relationship with nature where landscape is an object of distanced visual experience, the documentation photos from the events represent the artist’s vision of a contemporary forestscape, in which humans are present as fellow (un?)familiar inhabitants of the landscape.

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