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Who Cares? by Anne Mølleskov

Danish artist Anne Mølleskov is interested in exploring new ways of engaging in our complex relationship with nature. Her work is often responding to specific locations by making notions of wildness and wild nature the locus of real encounters, explorations and reflections. At the heart of her (ad)ventures is a desire to evoke alternative environmental narratives by crossing and re-crossing the boundaries between apparent opposites such as nature/culture, Self/Other, fiction/reality and local/global. 


Anne’s multi-disciplinary practice is playful, experimental, and process oriented, incorporating a variety of media, such as photography, video, installation, performance, fashion, walking, watercolour, and texts.


Anne received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London (2000) and an MA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts//Goldsmiths University of London, Singapore, (2017).

She has been involved in solo and group exhibitions, artist residencies, and collaborative projects in Scandinavia, UK, Singapore, China, India, and Malaysia.

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