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Black ink on quilted canvas (with holes), 145 x 200 cm, Jægersborg Hegn, Denmark.

Common Ground is an interactive art work that reimagines the traditional concept of a landscape painting.


Instead of depicting a landscape and being displayed vertically on a gallery wall, this artwork lies horizontally on the ground as part of the landscape. The work functions as a picnic blanket, being a mobile platform and a shared temporary territory for conversations between humans and non-humans.


Designed with holes to facilitate interaction, it invites new participants, including trees, plants, and animals, to join the dialogue. Words related to landscapes, territories, forest trips, picnics, art, and freedom are displayed on the canvas like a crossword puzzle.

The concept was originally born from a desire to create a lighter, more mobile version of House of Wild Wood Woman and was first realized in various forms during participatory events while I was an artist-in-residence at L'Observatoire, Singapore, in 2019 (Forestic Affairs).

Over time, a more refined version emerged, including a new iteration with Danish text for På Vildveje (Astray) at Raadvad Artist Village, Jægersborg Hegn, Denmark.

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