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Women in Trees is an ongoing act of fun and resistance, initiated during the art-based walks I conducted as an artist in residence at L’Observatoire in Singapore in 2019.


This project originated as a response to the intriguing images discovered by Jochen Raib, who spent 25 years collecting photographs from flea markets. He noticed a recurring and peculiar motif: women in trees.

Most of these photos, dating from the 1920s to the 1950s, feature anonymous, well-dressed women, sometimes on fallen trees, and sometimes at dizzying heights. These women are often seen cheerfully dangling their legs, casually nestled in the branch forks, or athletically climbing to the treetops, all while smiling into the camera, probably held by a male photographer.

One cannot help but wonder what these presumably happy and carefree women were doing in trees. By trying it out yourself and joining the sylvan sisterhood of #womenintrees, you might just find the answer.

.... a continuation to be continued .......


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