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a landscape exhibition at Untitled Space, 空间 题 空间,  Jinze, Shanghai, 2018.

"Found Forest" challenges the conventional distinction between a physical landscape and its pictorial representation. The title of the work evokes early 20th-century conceptual art, where the artist's role shifted from mere creator to concept developer. This shift is exemplified in Marcel Duchamp's readymades, such as the iconic "Fountain" – a found object transformed into art.

The inspiration for "Found Forest" came unexpectedly during my residency at The Untitled (now Acentricspace), located amidst abandoned factory buildings. While exploring the area, I stumbled upon a door that led directly to a small woodland. This accidental discovery became the foundation of my work.

By simply placing a gallery sign on the door and a label with the title on the wall beside it, the transformation was complete. The space became a gallery, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, nature and culture. "Found Forest" challenges traditional categories, inviting viewers to reconsider their perception of landscape, gallery space, and the relationship between art and nature.

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