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Helt Ør i Plantagen, Rø Plantation, 2011


Site specific installation including House of Wild Wood Woman and interactive walk and event at Rø Plantation, Bornholm, Denmark.

Reversing the letters in "Rø", they became "øR", which means bewildered, dazed and confused. Blurring categories of indoor vs outdoor and culture vs nature, the audience were welcomed in the woody VIP lounge by a doormat and two forest attendants handing out entrance stickers. After a short stroll through "The Forest of Kisses" the trip continued outside the trails following a pink thread for approximately 1½ km. Inspired by Troy labyrinths and the name of Rø, the trip went round and round, in and out, up and down, crossing and re-crossing in an attempt to find anOTHER way of perceiving the forest. In fact, as clearly seen on satellite photos, the forest was not a forest, but consisted of strips of monoculture plantations, which was anything but wilderness. However, the bewildered way of walking was an attempt to make everything, the walkers and the plantation, wilder.  

Finally, House of Wild Wood Woman hosted an end-of-trip celebration in a delightful little alderwood situated in a glade inside a pine forest.

The project was partly funded and conducted in collaboration with Danish Nature Agency and NaturBornholm.

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