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Landscape paintings exhibited for parrots at Nordsjællands Fuglepark, Denmark, 2006.

The paintings were made of non-toxic water colours and were inspired by the rain forests where the parrots originates from.
The parrots had their go on attempting to consume the paintings but nevertheless it soon became clear that it wasn't possible to live on representations of beautiful scenery alone - one needs the real scenery.
However, in the real world many of these rainforests are declining because of unsustainable forestry.
In the long term this means that neither birds or human beings can live and make a living there as their habitat disappears.

100 % of profit from this exhibition went to the Danish environmental organization Forests of the World's project: Save THE GREAT GREEN MACAW.
See also  World Parrot Trust.

Thanks to Svendborg Tryk who has kindly supplied this project with paper labelled by the Nordic eco-label the Swan.

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